Rofrano is the first-time winner of Stafford

Marcello Ruffrano celebrates. (Stafford Speedway photo)

STAFFORD SPRINGS, Conn. Stafford Springs hosted the biggest and richest modified SK race of the season on Friday, August 5 with the ninth annual NAPA Auto Parts SK 5k.

The tie set just before the start of the race that the advantage distance would be either 60, 70 or 80 laps and an 80 lap number was drawn.

Marcello Ruffrano scored his first win of his revamped football career in the biggest race of the season. Rofrano’s win gave him a $5,725 payday in wallet and emergency funds from a total published prize pool of over $35,000.

In the 80-lap NAPA Auto Parts SK 5K featured event, John Beaulieu took the lead at the start of the race with Dan Wesson in second. Mickey Flynn came in third, followed by Corey DeMateo and Michael Christopher Jr. Christopher went around Dematio to finish fourth on lap 4 with Ruffrano finishing fifth to drop Dematio to sixth in the lead, and Wesson took the lead from Beaulieu on lap 5. Flynn advanced to position Second with Flynn in third as Beaulieu slipped to seventh. Ronnie Williams finished fourth with Todd Owen fifth and Stephen Kupsick sixth.

Wesson’s Rofrano took a lead on lap 12 with Williams and Flynn alongside in third, ahead of fifth-placed Owen. The warning flag flew with a full 14 laps for DiMatteo, who came to rest against the spinning wall 2.

Rofrano took the lead early in the second half with Wesson in second place. Owen went by Williams on lap 18 to move to third with Flynn finishing fifth. Warning returned after 22 full laps on the back by Noah Corner and RJ Marcotte, Williams’ turn 4.

Rofrano continued to maintain the lead on restart, but the warning came back for a multi-car crash with turn 1 with a full 24 laps when Kopcik and Wesson touched the wheels, sending Wesson to the wall of Turn 1 and collecting a Flynn car, along with several others.

Rofrano fended off a challenge from Owen at the start of the second half to maintain the lead. Keith Rocco was now third behind Rofrano and Owen with Beaulieu in fourth and Christopher Arrott in fifth.

Arrott rose to high to get Christopher and finish fifth on lap 28 while Owen was putting heavy pressure on Rofrano for the lead. Owen finally managed to pass Rofrano to the lead with a pass out of Turn 4 on lap 33. The warning returned after a full 36 laps when Corner entered the wall of Turn 1.

Rofrano advanced from Owen at the start of the second half with Rocco moving into second place. Owen got into a duel alongside Beaulieu in third and Tyler Haynes in fifth. With 50 laps on the board, Rovrano continued to hold the lead with Rocco still in hot pursuit. Owen finished third in the standings with Heinz in fourth and David Arrowt in fifth.

With 20 laps to go, the top five remained unchanged with Rovrano after he extended his lead over Rocco to several car lengths. Owen was second to Owen on lap 68, but was 1.5 seconds behind Rofrano in the fight for the lead.

Owen couldn’t close the gap to Rofrano for the last 12 laps as Rofrano scored his first win of his revamped football career in the biggest race of the season. Rocco finished third with Team Hines and Arute out of the top five.

Other wins of the night were Tom Verne in the Late Model feature, Tyler Alkas at the SK Light feature, Jeremy Lavoie at the Limited Late Model feature, and Travis Downey at the Street Stock feature.

the end:

Feature (80 laps): 1) Marcelo Ruffrano, 2) Todd Owen, 3) Keith Rocco, 4) Tyler Haynes, 5) David Arrowt, 6) Anthony Bellew, 7) John Beaulieu, 8) Andrew Molliore, 9) Ronnie Williams 10) Michael Jervis Jr., 11) Cory DiMatio, 12) Anthony Flanneri, 13) Brian Narducci, 14) Tyler Leary, 15) Michael Christopher Jr., 16) Joey Turnolo Jr., 17) Kurt Brainard, 18) RJ Marcotte, 19 Nick Halkowicz 20 Tyler Jones 21 Chris Jones 22 Matt Vassar 23 Joey Mucciacciaro 24 Noah Korner 25 Troy Talman 26 Dan Wesson 27 Mikey Flynn 28 Ryan Flores 29 ) Stephen Kupsick

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