D&D Do It Yourself – How One Team Made a Universe You Can 3D Print at Home

3D printing in resin is a bit like magic. You send a design to the machine, watch the design platform descend into a batch of goo, and hours later, a model appears seemingly out of nowhere. Even after countless editions, the everlasting excitement of this revelation never fades away. It’s what I always dreamed of when I was a little kid: being able to print craft toys.

Except, these days, the D&D community has taken that dream even further: Instead of leaving it in individual miniatures, they create worlds Our. Cast n Play (Opens in a new tab) She’s one of the groups that drives these graphics, and they’ve gone from a one-man powerhouse of the best 3D printers to a company that builds entire universes of content.

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Cast n play ghoul undead

Each Cast n Play bundle comes with a variety of creatures, terrain, and props (Image credit: Cast n Play)

However, it wasn’t easy at first. Alex Zaragoza’s first 3D printer has arrived broken. As a used machine he bought on eBay in 2015, it was, as he put it, “too bad” – the pieces didn’t fit together properly and he had to glue them. But even so, he was stunned by what he could do. Although she gave up the ghost less than a year later, Alex (then a 3D artist in the video game industry) has been bitten by the bug. So when a friend offered him a resin printer that they no longer had space for, he took the chance. A few years later, Alex is now responsible for over a dozen employees and a company that attracts subscribers per month for nearly 40 fantasy miniatures every four weeks. They’re also in the process of finalizing their latest campaign – and judging by the over $156,000 raised so far, it has succeeded – their “Terrain Essentials Vol II: Interiors” crowdfunding campaign. (Opens in a new tab)With many props for your game table.

Obviously there are people looking for something like this because I don’t know how they will find this shop I made last night

Alex Zaragoza, co-founder and director

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