Russian tennis players collect 3 titles in the US Open

Washington (AFP) – It’s been a good week for the tennis players in Russia Players – four championships, three titles. One of them, Lyudmila Samsonova, believes that it may not be just a coincidence that this latest success of hers, Daria Kasatkina Daniil Medvedev came shortly after they were banned from competing at Wimbledon Because … Read more

A Tale of Four Slams – How Djokovic was denied the chance to win a whole host of major titles

Novak Djokovic continues to amaze the tennis world with his statistical records, irreplaceable core game and superb flexibility. But for all his success, he’s faced significant hurdles threatening his dominance on the professional tour in recent years. Either due to misfortune, the decision of tournament directors and governments, or his fault, Djokovic missed the opportunity … Read more

Fernandes is ready to return to the field

For a professional tennis player, the racket is The Trade Tool – Choose devices that pay bills. But for a few weeks this summer, Leila Fernandez had to suffer a painful breakup with Babolat Pure Aero. “I was trying to get back on the tennis court, and my dad would say, ‘No. Fernandez said Saturday … Read more